Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here we go...

Hey Friends,

Well I have never blogged before so here goes nothing! The reason for this blog is simple: I need a place to write. I have never been one to say what I'm feeling or what I'm going through, but I can write the day away. So this blog I will be using as part of my therapy. My way of keeping a journal of what I'm working through that week, or that day or even that hour. While I know that the road ahead will be long I have to start somewhere so this is where I have decided to begin. I hope you check back soon as I don't know when I will do my first official post or when I will actually start this process, but step 1 is compete I have created the blog!

Take Care,


  1. Lisa,

    Always thinking about you, I hope writing helps you heal a little bit each day! Stay Strong!

    Megan Cole

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barton,
    my name is Brooklynn. I know Chris and Lori and all the McPeeks and i wanted to let you know that i pray for ya'll constantly! keep in mind that God will provide. He has always been there and I know that He always will be! Keep a strong walk with Him and keep the faith!

    love Always,
    Brooklynn Quin