Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey Friends,

Well it’s the weekend & summer time which means another busy weekend for us! This time we are heading to Omaha for the CWS. Tailgates, baseball and tents…oh my! The College World Series is one of my favorite events each year and I’m looking forward to getting up there! One thing that I still struggle with is “looking forward” to things again. It’s hard trying to make yourself realize that it is ok to be happy and realizing Macie would want her parents to be happy. Chris and I will never forget her and there isn’t a moment that goes by that we don’t think of her. Slowly, but surely we are adjusting to our “new” normal and trying to figure out what “happy” truly means again. Granted we hate it, but we are learning how to cope one step at a time. I hope everyone has a great weekend! =)

Take Care,

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  1. I'm glad you are able to go do something "normal" and I'm hoping you have a great time. It's so hard finding your stride again after losing a child. Some days when I'm having a "good" day, I feel guilty that I'm smiling again. But then I think of Madeline and realize she does want me to be happy.

    Your right, Macie does want to see her Mommy and Daddy happy and enjoying life. The hard part is just finding out how to enjoy that life after such loss. Your doing an amazing job, Lisa. Macie is proud I'm sure. Enjoy your weekend with your Hubby, you deserve it!