Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey Friends,

So I found something out today. I thought that since Spring for SIDS is in April that April was SIDS awareness month... I was wrong. SIDS awareness month is the month Macie was born...October. Here is the picture I found today:

So since we are on the topic of October let me tell you my 'tentative' idea for Macie's birthday. A balloon release. At 3:01pm on October 6, 2011 Macie will be exactly 1 year old. To honor her memory I would like everyone to pause for a moment of silence, say a prayer and release a balloon into the sky for her. While I know not everyone will be with us you can do this from anywhere. I love the idea (obviously!), but I'm trying to come up with the perfect way to remember her by and to honor her birthday. This is what I have so far, but I still have 3 1/2 months so who knows what I will come up with by then! What do you guys think?

Below is another photo I came across today. I think I'm going to get it printed onto a t-shirt or tank top or something to wear around:

Or for the Macie T-Shirt for the golf tournament maybe we can have this put on the back or somewhere on it. It's very powerful! Honestly I knew SIDS existed, but I never knew how real it is until it happened to us.  You can read all the statistics in the world, but until it affects you personally it doesn't seem real. While I know I can't prevent SIDS I want to spread awareness about it any and every way that I can!

Today is June 23rd which means my little brother, Brett, and his amazing fiancee, Molly, will be married one month from today! I'm looking forward to this and I can't wait! Below is a picture of them. Aren't they cute! I loved all of their engagement pictures! I am so happy that they found each other. =)

Their wedding day will mark the 1 year anniversary since I have talked to Jenny. She passed away July 25, 2010 and we talked for a very long time that Friday night July 23, 2010...seems crazy it has been almost a year since I have heard her voice, had one of our multiple times a day talks, or heard one of her funny jokes or stories!

Take Care,


  1. We will be participating in Macie's 1st Birthday. Also if you have any extra golf shirts, I would like to buy one. I think that the logo that you found would look great on the back of those shirts :)Praying for you and Chris.

  2. My daughter Jocelyn Elizabeth was born 10/23/06, she passed 12/18/06. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Jocelyn was my last baby, my husband got fixed while I was pregnant with her. Our 3 living are hurting still, the balloon releasing is a great idea. My kids will at times write a note to their baby sister and send it up.