Friday, June 21, 2013


Hey Friends,
So I know most of you know by now that we are moving back to Omaha, but most of you are wondering “why” I’m sure. First off- I’m not pregnant. I know many are you were hopeful that was the reason. The truth is that it is way overdue. We are both from the Omaha area (me-Millard, Chris-Plattsmouth), we laid our daughters body to rest in Nebraska because we always knew that one day we would return and it’s just time to go home. While I have loved every minute I have spent in KC and especially Lees Summit I know it’s time to close the book to this chapter of our lives and open the next chapter and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us.
With that being said we have been down here for almost 6 years and have made some unforgettable friendships that we will treasure. I opened up and let someone in for the first time since Jenny passed and we have become best friends and even though we will now be 3 hours away I know it’s a friendship that isn’t going to go anywhere and I am truly going to miss living so close to her. We have already made some tentative date arranges for me to come here and her to come up to see me so I think we will be ok it’s just going to be REALLY weird at first and I’m going to miss her SO much! I see a lot of tears in my future between now and then- I hate saying goodbye!! Actually everything about living in Omaha is going to be weird at first. I haven’t lived in Omaha for 6 years. I haven’t been close to my family to be able to hang out with them on a Tuesday night for example in 6 years! That’s so crazy to me. I will be able to see and hang out with my friends that live in Omaha and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be scheduled so far in advance to ensure I can come back from KC that weekend. I’m SO excited!
When we first had the idea to move back to Omaha my goal was by July 1st, honestly I thought this was a ridiculously short amount of time to get everything done and be moved up there. Well apparently that was the target I needed because we will be officially moving up there next week! I can’t believe how fast the time is going by. While I’m excited for the next chapter it is a little sad to be leaving, I mean I have been at my job in Lees Summit for 5 ½ years now. They were really good to me & my family when Macie passed away and I won’t forget it. I have heard horror stories from other SIDS parents about what their employers did or the fact that they expected them back at work 1 week later and I truly know how fortunate I am to have worked at a family oriented company during that time.
That’s all I have for now and I hope everyone is having a great summer so far.
Take Care,

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  1. So weird. I lived in lees summit Missouri and moved here to papillion Nebraska Almost 2 years ago! Crazy that we lived in the same places. I was just doing some research on SIDS.. hoping to know how to help comfort a friend who recently lost her baby girl and came across your blog.