Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Words

Hey Friends,
So I have read a lot of information on grief. Some I like and some I think is for the birds. One thing I came across said to write down 10 words to describe what you are going through. Then take these 10 words and divide them up in a journal like chapters and then when you are having that emotion write about it. Well I haven't written them in a journal, but I have written down my 10 words. I have listed them below in no particular order.
1. Nightmare
2. Adrenaline
3. Anger
4. Disappointment
5. Disbelief
6. Hate
7. Anxiety
9. Sorrow
10. Pain
There is no right or wrong answer for this. So these are the words I have chosen, but someone else might choose words completely different from mine. I may write them in a journal or I may just stare at them for a little while longer before I do anything with them.
Last Friday was the 1 month anniversay of Macie passing away. Chris and I went to Michael's Craft Store and got Silk Flowers and I made a flower arrangement that we put on her grave last Friday. Chris' cousin Shannon is amazing with her camera and took pictures of the flower arrangement and they are below.
Take Care,



  1. This is Beautiful!
    My heart breaks for both your family and Kellie's. I found Kellie's blog through "Lillianna Marie Designs" on Facebook, and yours through Kellie's.
    You'll be in our prayers :) Macie's watching over you keeping you strong.

  2. Im trying to catch up on your blog and this is beautiful!!!! Stay Strong.. Macie is watching you =)