Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey Friends,
This wasn't suppose to happen to us. This shouldn't happen to anyone. Well unfortunately it has. Kellie and her husband lost their 4 month old daughter, Maddie. Same situation only theirs was 2 weeks ago. Our daughters were born a week apart and got their angel wings 3 weeks apart. It breaks my heart that this has happened to someone else. That another mom understands my pain, my sorrow, my anger, my everything. Their blog was shared with me by Crystal and after reading it I knew I had to e-mail them. I had to reach out to them and let them know they aren't alone. I have spoken to Maddie's Mom and while neither of us know what to do at least we have each other to talk to. At least we each have someone to talk to that "gets it" on another level. The only thing we do know is that we are going to read the book "Heaven is for Real". She has been told to read it and so have I. Has anyone read it? If so, any comments?
Every time you think of Chris, Macie and I say a prayer for us and also say a prayer for Kellie, James and Maddie.
Thank you Friends!
Take Care,

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